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Transportation Management
Integrated transport management for your mobile operations
Mobile Road Telematics
Mobile Technology for Road Safety

DrivianTasks is a highly agile and adaptable SaaS Transport Management Solution, able to provide end-to-end control of operational performance and costs, real-time task management and performance indicators, as well as to adapt to business requirements via integration and customization. DrivianTasks supports intelligent work plan and route optimization, and gives you enlightening visualizations for business analytics.

Transportation Management

Productivity and route optimization for your mobile operations

01. Integrated transport service management in diverse areas

02. Optimizes transport capacity and reduces operational costs

03. Critical insights for negotiation

04. Promotes efficiency, reduces administrative costs

05. Multiple application areas and optimization scenarios

06. Control your commitments with clients

Sentilant provides a SaaS and mobile road safety telematics solution which can be integrated with existing applications. Our solution records trips and analyses your driving style in real time, provides alerts and driving tips, implements challenges and gamification, and rewards the most responsible drivers. We also work closely with our partners to develop customized and white label applications.

Mobile Road Telematics

Mobile Technology for Road Safety

01. Promote customer engagement

02. Targeted marketing

03. Real-time driving behaviour

04. Tips for road safety

05. Social and driving challenges

06. Leverage connectivity

07. Combat distracted driving

08. Road safety scores

09. Trips and geo-referenced driving events

About Us

Making transport management easier

We are a spin-off of the University in Coimbra, with a focus on building disruptive software and hardware solutions for decision support and management in business and everyday life. Sentilant is a fast growing company, and excels at adapting and customizing its main products, DrivianTasks TMS (Transport Management System) and mobile road safety telematics to the customer requirements and needs.

Our main areas of expertise include Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Robust large-scale systems, Distributed computing and cloud development, and Mobile development. Our solutions are designed for pure horizontal scalability, as well as for being completely extensible, integrable, robust and secure.

EU Co-Funded Projects

The RISK.IT Project aims to advance the state of the art in what regards the usage of models for risk prediction and management, and also to put such models at the service of the operational efficiency of businesses. The project pursues an exciting goal: to change the current paradigm of using such models, from a “strategic” paradigm to an “operational” one, and from a login where risk analysis is “tailor- made” to a new one where risk prediction and analysis is continuously evolving, in order to cope with the reality and requirements of businesses. With a particular focus in the area of transportation of hazardous materials, the project aims to make risk prediction models useful and key components in the operational management of the company. The usage of such models in the management and optimization of processes, as well as for the early detection and response to eminent risk situations, will increase the operational performance of the company, and also revolutionize the way risk management is employed in a business context.


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